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Caroni FL1400 Tillovator Seal Replacement

Caroni makes a nice rototiller, but it's impossible to get a technical bulletin on any maintenance from either the retailer or the manufacturer. They DO make the parts list available, but that's it. When mine developed seepage at the drive end seal, I needed to do the work without help and thought maybe others (this IS a very popular rototiller) could learn from what I learned. The good news: it's a pretty easy job.

Step 1. install the implement on the tractor, as this allow you to safely lift it and makes the removal of the heavy tine shaft a one-man job.

Step 2. Remove the chain cover, catch the oil (90W), pull off the nut holding the bottom sprocket along with the chain and clean up all the old gasket and sealant.

Step 3. Pull the bolts holding the bearing housings on both ends of the tine shaft after lowering the implement to the floor, and pull it free from the implement.

Step 4. Using a bearing puller, remove the bearing housing from the shaft and pull the seal out from the back of the housing. It's full of grease, which apparently helps keep dirt away from the seal. Mine was full of dirt, so that seal was gonna go!

Step 5. Use a large socket to evenly press in the seal and another socket to drive the bearing housing back onto the shaft.

Step 6. Coat gaskets with sealant on both sides, reassemble, set chain tension so that the tensioner rides on the chain but doesn't push hard on the chain (This is how mine came from the factory). Fill with oil and test for leaks, including running it.

Good luck! Sorry that I don't have a lot more photos. Once I start working, I just kinda go ;-)

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