The Griffin Hill Wine Club

Launched in October 2019, Griffin Hill pulled together our fans with a free-to-join wine club.  Members who join in the first twelve months of the new club are "founders" and have begun to enjoy a special 25% discount in perpetuity.  Members choose from a minimum commitment of either 4 or 8 bottles of Griffin Hill semi-annually.  Bottles are picked up at no-cost events designed to facilitate getting to know other members, taste upcoming vintages and getting to know Griffin Hill better.  The first event was held November 17 at the Griffin Hill winery and guests were treated to tours of the vineyard and winery to help members better know us.  Future events will be held at various venues, plus ocassional winery events to help new members know us better.


 If you would like to join us, please click on the buttons below to download our wine club application and the email address to send in the application.