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Going Public!

Hi Wine Lovers,

Another big step on our path toward bringing our wines to you - the U.S. Government Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has approved us! The California Alcoholic Beverage Control folks will now have the final say on our State application. In anticipation of that great day, we've been acquiring some (slightly) larger equipment and trying it out and you can be confident that our vintages right out of the gate will be a joy to taste. We're also going through the vineyard with soil testing and amendments, that when added to the soil prior to the end of the rainy season will percolate the natural way to the root zone and ensure healthy vines and the best possible fruit this site can produce.

We are also replanting our lower block with Cabernet, thus jumping into an exciting market where the Santa Cruz Cabernets have been shown to be among the most interesting and savory in California (see NY Times article on this subject at

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