More Retailers Come On Board

I've been busy with winter chores in the vineyard and am on track to get the water catchment system done by end of year. However, I take time to do selling and after calling a couple dozen santa cruz restaurants last week, I got an appointment with Dan Agostinis of Johnny's Harborside Restaurant. We met and Dan showed me his wine list which showed a high interest in bringing his customers local wines of interest. After a sampling session, Dan decided to add Griffin Hill Chardonnay to his list. I then stopped by to bring more wine to Mel's Market in Santa Cruz after a test run in which she bought a few bottles of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay the previous week. The Chardonnay was all gone by the time I arrived. She was reserving the shelf space, however! I made an impromptu call over to the Staff of Life market, after hearing an ad on the radio about their wine selection. Cesar, their wine buyer said come on over. He tasted the Griffin Hill offerings and decided to start carrying our Pinot Noir. Later in the day, I was on my way home and stopped at Royal Wines and Liquors in San Jose. David, the owner tasted our wines and chose to start carrying our Pinot Noir. Today was so fruitful and I met some great folks.

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