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Release of Our First Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon

We've been looking forward to bringing out our first Zinfandel and Cabernet and last week we determined them ready to go. They had both been a little rough after bottling last summer and last week they were both smooth as silk. These are our first releases from grapes we've carefully sourced from small Santa Cruz Mountains vineyards. The Zinfandel is from Spring Hollow vineyard, where I've been buying grapes since I was a hobbyist. It's a very small vineyard in the forest that is known to have very long hang time and the wines from those vines have a great backbone and red fruit bouquet. We also sourced Zinfandel from a small vineyard high in the mountains called Ormsby Trail Vineyard ( It is completely hand tended with zero machinery by some very dedicated perfectionists. The Ormsby Trail vines are young, but produce complex wines.

The Cabernet Sauvignon is from a tiny Saratoga vineyard that is meticulously kept and a stones throw from the famous Kathryn Kennedy vineyard. Both the Cab and Zin are ready to drink, but we highly recommend cellaring. They will peak in a handful of years.

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