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Griffin Hill Survives The Fire

The lightning strikes that took place during the early pre-dawn hours of Sunday August 16th were a thankfully rare event, as there was little to no rain in many areas and therefore a very high chance of fires due to strikes in the parched mountains. Cal Fire was on high alert and within hours, they were aware of hundreds of fires. We happened to be on our way to the farm about 6:00AM that morning to put bird netting on the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. We found ourselves between two fire trucks on their way up our road to a fire on our neighbor's property. They stayed on station for two days to effectively put it out and keep it out. That was a close call, but to our west, there were several big fires out near the coast that merged into what was named the CZU Complex Fire and caused us to evacuate on August 20th. The evacuation was because the fire was covering ground unchecked and with 0% containment, was a couple of miles away and heading toward us. There were 519 local fire personnel fighting it and trying to hold the line at Hwy 9. While they worked, reinforcements were on the way. They did hold at Hwy 9 and by August 28th Cal Fire allowed us to return while the crews mopped up around the burn areas. Griffin Hill was spared. Back to work today!

In the photo, you can see the fire being held at Hwy 9 and an arrow and little circle where Griffin Hill sits.

A special warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to the brave men and women of Cal Fire and the 1,500 personnel that came from neighboring states to help us!!!!

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